Who Says You’re Not Beautiful?


Motor nu chaliyee


Punjabi munde love their daaru
Punjabi girls love their seva

Kokla Chapaki Jumeraat aayi aye jera agge pichey wekhey ohdi shamat aayi ayeMeaning:Kokla Chapaki it is Thursday today Whoever looks here and there shall be punished And then this person, slowly and quietly place this whip behind any sitting participant and keep circling and singing. If the person behind whom this whip is placed, knows or can feel it behind him/her, picks it up and runs after the person who put it behind him/her. The objective now is for the first person to run around the circle and sit in the vacated spot before getting hit. And the person chasing has to hit or then he/she will be singing and making circles for the next turn. If the person can’t feel the whip put behind her/him, the player who left it there on first place, shall complete the circle, pick up the whip and start hitting the person who is sitting and didn’t know it was placed behind him/her. Now objective of the person being hit is to stand up, run around the circle of sitting participant and come back and sit in his/her spot again. And once this game keeps on going with different people getting a beating and some beating them with a whip made of Dopatta.

Mitran di motor te

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Kiddan Ladies? ;)
"How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you."

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ab-incunabulis she kind of looks like u in this :0

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wouldnt it be cool to just like not feel nervous about everything all the time

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